«The revitalization of the monument and landscaping, in combination with the varied residential, make Missiehuis a relaxed environment. A story to live.».

Połączenie monumentalnych
i zielonych wartości z wysokiej
wysokiej jakości nowymi domami



A relaxed environment

Monumental transformation

The Missiehuis building in Driehuis is writing a new chapter to its story as it will be transformed into a unique new residential area. The monumental building was originally built in 1924 as a residence and training institute for missionaries. From 1974 till 2012, the Royal Dutch Navy used it as a recovery site.

The new residential complex will offer new apartments and land-based homes. The ambition is to realize a special entity combining monumental and landscape values with high-quality new architecture giving the area a powerful new identity with the Missiehuis as a sparkling center.




Ommeren Architecten and Thijs Asselbergs Architectuurcentrale


Urban procedure in progress


29 units


35 units

Social apartments

16 units

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