A story about real estate development
Mixed-use developments
6 countries in Europe

1,2 Mia € on-going investment

"Our core belief is that real estate contributes to the wellbeing and happiness of people." - C. Mestdagh, Executive Chairman Equilis Europe


300 000 m2 retail/office/...

1 500 housing units



210 000 m2 retail/office/...

7 700 housing units 


About us
Our values


We value mixed cultures, different architectural styles, innovative building materials and multi media. We believe that multi-disciplinarity is one of the core strengths of our team and our creations.
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The search for excellence is clear in all our company’s activities: by combining flexibility and rigour, we prioritise action and ensure the customer (both internal and external) is the focus of our attention.
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We want our legacy to include innovative and original projects. This means breaking with tradition when appropriate and being daring in our choices.
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We are determined to upset the status quo. This means having the energy, courage and commitment to see projects through to the end.
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Who we are


Equilis was founded in 2006 as a commercial real estate company for the European market. It develops and delivers ambitious real estate projects across a wide spectrum of activities including commercial and residential, the rehabilitation of brownfield sites, residences for seniors or students, car parks, as well as cultural spaces. . EQUILIS has offices in Belgium, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland and also in Germany.


Our teams of multitalented, multilingual and multicultural individuals are able to deliver the entire project story from first conversations to final construction, and everything in between: planning, architecture, financing, marketing as well as the commercialisation.

Our Executive Committee
Carl Mestdagh

Executive Chairman
Equilis Europe

Olivier Beguin*

Equilis Europe

*On Behalf Of ABSOlute Consulting SPRL

Xavier Pierlet*

Chief Investment Officer
Equilis Europe

*On Behalf Of Xavier Pierlet SPRL

Thomas Rihoux*

Equilis Europe

*On Behalf Of Keystone SPRL

Aude Michel*

Legal Director
Equilis Europe

*On Behalf Of Aimraude SRL