«Nexum Retail Park is a new open and innovative concept in a welcoming atmosphere. An inspiring story »

26 000 m² of shops
1 500 m² of offices
17 000 m² of student residence

A catchment area of around 300 000 inhabitants

A new open and innovative concept in a welcoming atmosphere

This is a new and innovative mixed-use project comprising a retail park of more than 26 000 sqm with shops, leisure and restaurants, a hotel and a new generation of flexible office space distributed over 1 500 sqm, together with a 17 000 sqm student residence that will be able to accommodate more than 600 students. An open retail park very well communicated and connected to its surroundings, making it an excellent meeting point for families and young people with all the amenities and services.


Located possibly in the last urban commercial plot in the south of Madrid with more than 48 000m2, at the entrance to the Fuenlabrada town (fourth municipality of the Community of Madrid with almost 200 000 inhabitants), with direct access and communication from the M-506, with the urban centre of Fuenlabrada itself and with the main towns in the surrounding area.  With a catchment area of around 300 000 inhabitants, it is estimated to attract around 3 000.000 visitors a year, making it a hub of connection and accessibility between the surrounding municipalities.

One or two supermarkets will be located on the ground floor of the retail park, combining tradition and modernity, thus meeting the needs of a changing and increasingly cosmopolitan society. On this same floor, with more than 11 000 sqm, are the shops, with activities as varied as automotive, decoration, home, pets, toys, fashion and furniture and accessories. On the upper floor, there will be a fitness club of almost 2 000 sqm and modern offices, together with a large children's leisure and restaurant area and a hotel integrated into the whole complex.


It is scheduled to open in spring 2023, the turning point of this new open concept in a welcoming atmosphere.


Chapman & Taylor - Inel


1 500 m²


Start of work October 2021

Student Residence

17 000 m²


Spring 2023


953 spaces


48.700 m²


26 000 m²

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