«Nexum Retail Park is a new open and innovative concept in a welcoming atmosphere. An inspiring story »

BREEAM Very Good

A 23,000 sqm urban hub blending retail, leisure, and services

A catchment area of around 200 000 inhabitants

Spain's largest solar community, capable of powering up to 1,100 households, positions Nexum as a forward-thinking retail park

Nexum is the new one-stop and open-air destination for electronics, fashion, dining, leisure, and more.


The self-sustaining system installed at Nexum allows up to 1,100 nearby households to access 100% renewable energy, reducing their bills by up to 40%, all without the need for personal installation or investment.  The Nexum Retail Park solar community project by Iberdrola is a comprehensive approach to decarbonation, spanning three key areas: local renewable energy generation through self-consumption, supporting electric mobility with charging stations, and an innovative electrical infrastructure designed for maximum efficiency.


The solar community comprises 1,350 panels across three rooftops, with a total capacity of 735 kilowatts, producing over one million kWh annually. In this self-consumption model, Iberdrola invests to enable local renewable energy use, supporting the transition to a decarbonized economy. Any Fuenlabrada resident within 2 km of the facility can benefit from this initiative through the company's website.

Nexum offers a vibrant shopping experience for a community of 200,000 residents, near a major university campus, a hospital, and Spain's largest data centre.


It represents a 'new generation' retail park, merging mixed offerings with a strong commitment to sustainability, as showcased by the Breeam 'Very Good' certification.


Nexum goes the extra mile with 26 electric vehicle stations, more eco-friendly building materials like prefab concrete for façades, green spaces with 200 planted trees, and minimal water consumption.


Chapman & Taylor - Inel


1 500 m²



Student Residence

17 000 m²


Fall 2023


953 spaces


48.700 m²


26 000 m²

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